Thank you for saying yes to your yes!

How brilliant are you for choosing to join us. In making this choice you have, in essence, notified the Universe that you are ready to get your book out of your soul and out into the world.

How this works?

This FREE challenge is going to unleash the author within  you in 5 days and awaken your latent writing gifts and teach you the fundamentals to start and finish your book so that you have the confidence to get your book out into the world and NEVER feel ‘blocked’ or like you have nothing to say. 

My hope is that by participating in the challenge you begin to see huge shifts and awaken your latent gifts, unleash your inner storyteller so you can captivate the audience and have them hang onto your each word and find your REAL voice as an author. 

Each day for 5 days (starting on 25th June) you will get a short assignment delivered by email and a live Facebook mini training to get your book out of your soul and out into the world and tools so you have the confidence to get it out into the world even if you feel like you are not an expert and have nothing to say. 

The objective of this challenge is not to make yourself wrong for not being a gifted enough writer (whatever this means to you!) but to make you realise that your gifts are ALWAYS available to you and are ready to be unleashed, they're not something to have, they're something to tap into...

If you participate in this challenge to the letter, you will not only be more confident as a writer, you will be happier. Remember, be kind to yourself. If you fall off the bandwagon, do not quit. Simply say, 'oh well' and begin where you left off.

Gifted writers are NOT born, they are MADE and that's exactly what we'll uncover in this 5 day challenge!

By getting your book out of your soul and sharing your message with the world you'll change people’s lives. 

It's not about YOU, it's about THEM! Who doesn’t want their words to change people’s lives? Still, it’s much easier and fun when we do this together!

Come and join us!

I can't wait to support you in making your dream of becoming a published author a reality! 

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