What makes my world go round...

I’m Sandra Stachowicz, Founder of Awaken Inner Goddess and I’m on a mission to lead and inspire women who are ready to radically transform their life inside out after a breakup. I put them back on the right path of self-discovery, adventure and true, authentic happiness, ALL on their own terms. I help them step into their inner goddess, stand in their power, speak their own individual truth, show up powerfully and confidently as who they REALLY are without shame or apology and go after their dreams as if their life depended on it because it does! For me, it's all about transforming the world one goddess a time by empowering women to become the best possible version of themselves. 

I’m a free spirit, intuitive, psychic (clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant - that's a lot of clair- if you ask me!), healer, individualist, non-conformist, adventurer, polyglot, North African food-lover, gypsy at heart and most of all, I believe in awakening to your true identity by unlearning and unbecoming everything that you AREN'T! That's because being yourself is ALWAYS more than enough! I am committed to making the world a better place one lost soul at a time. Let's throw the 'not good enough' feeling out the window, shall we? 

being yourself is always more than enough...

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My story

I am a small-town girl from Krakow, Poland. who dreamed so BIG it offended some. They said I dream too big. I say they think too small. But while I dreamed BIG there was one recurring theme in my life and that was... 'not enough'.

My story starts in a village about half an hour drive east of Krakow where I grew up.


You are worthy of your desires. Your desires are worthy of YOU!

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My story starts in a village about half an hour drive east of Krakow where I grew up. In many ways, I didn't have a typical upbringing. When I was fifteen years old, my beloved father suddenly passed away after a heart attack.

The people I loved either died, abandoned me or were never there to begin with like my emotionally cold mother, who I felt I never REALLY had. 

In many ways, losing my Dad felt like losing the only good thing I've had in life! He was the light of my life. Life was a struggle even before my dad's spiritual contract on this beautiful planet Earth has run its course and he decided it was his time to... 'leave'. Life went from dark to pitch black. 

After my dad's death my mum completely lost it and without my dad being there she no longer even tried to controlled herself!

I grew up feeling ignored or unheard or criticized at every turn. The voice in my head was that of my mother’s, telling me what I wasn't —smart, beautiful, kind, loving, worthy.  It made me feel like my very own existence was being denied, like I had no right to have feelings, friends, opinions or privacy. It made me feel like there was something FUNDAMENTALLY wrong with me! This wasn't just a question of low self-esteem but something more profound. I concluded that I was lacking, worthless and unlovable. 

I was desperately seeking my mother’s love but was afraid of the consequences of seeking it. 

I mourned the mother I needed, sought, and — yes — deserved yet never REALLY had. I mourned my Dad's premature and senseless death.  


So at the ripe age of 19 I decided that enough was enough! I wanted to get away from my emotionally abusive mother and her constantly changing moods never knowing  whether the good mommy or the bad one will show up. I bought a one way ticket and moved from this small village, to the bustling city of Edinburgh, in the hope that moving to a different country would give me a fresh start and make me stop feeling like a fraud. 

I was WRONG! 

THEY SAY DIFFICULT roads often lead to beautiful destinations. the challenge of today builds the strength you'll need tomorrow.

Fast forward ten years, I was kicked out of my home, my relationship broke up and I was laid off from my job. I developed breathing difficulties, suffered from insomnia, lost weight and eventually became depressed and then suicidal. It all happened within a short period of 6 months! To add icing to the cake, I contracted a debilitating and potentially life-threatening illness  and ended up being taken to hospital and was under quarantine for a month. I was in a lot of pain and my feet were so swollen I could not walk! I hit rock bottom when I was forced to crawl on the apartment floor just to get to the toilet. I was so poorly I couldn't even leave my flat to get groceries! I ended up eating whatever scraps of food I could get my hands on. My then boyfriend magically 'disappeared' from my life at a time when I needed him most! I felt lonely, abandoned and betrayed. I was dealing with a lot physical and emotional pain

I unwittingly replicated the maternal relationship. Essentially, I was not in a relationship with my boyfriend but... my mother! He was on the surface completely different from my mother but, in the end, he treated me much the same way, the same seesaw of not knowing how he would be with me. Like my mother, he was indifferent and attentive by turns, hypercritical or vaguely supportive. 

There's a reason for all this suffering. I don't know what it is yet but I am going to find out! 

I just wished the reason would hurry up and make itself known! I was sick and tired of feeling like I wasn't good enough! I was done being a doormat and people pleaser feeling like I was “fooling people” fearing I'll be “found out” when I enjoy success in the world. 

When I was a teenager, my mother held me back by focusing on my flaws and imperfections, never my accomplishments. After university, I held a number of jobs but, at every one, my bosses complained that I wasn’t good enough (or at least that's the impression I got). It was only then that I realized that I was limiting myself, adopting my mother’s view of ME in the world. That's when the moment of clarity came in...

I'll just never be 'enough' for some people. Someone else's opinion of me does not have to become my reality! Other people can't add or take anything away from me!

I ended up 'divorcing' both my boyfriend and my mother! 

Changes certainly didn't happen overnight. It was a slow and long journey of self-discovery. There were moments when I wanted to throw in a towel, curl up on a sofa and simply cry. But I persevered. I survived. I forgave (myself and others). I healed. I became. 

It is in our darkest moments that we discover the true strength of the light within ourselves that can never, ever be dimmed. You can either let it crash your soul or... turn your pain into greatness. Sister, I have been there. I know what it feels like to feel like you're not good enough, to feel lacking, worthless or unlovable. Being a doormat and people pleaser is part of my resume! I have walked in your shoes and have come out on the other side.

As women we often give our power away to our bosses, partners, parents, teachers, sisters, brothers, children or society at large. It's time you OWNED your power! Allow your pain to become your greatest strength. Stop seeking approval and validation from others. Stop asking for permission to be happy. Know that the only person who'll ultimately make you happy is... the person in the mirror.

As soon as I realised that things started shifting for me. I am now the Founder of this incredible company designed to support women like you on their journey to self-empowerment. For the first time in my life I feel like I can be whoever I choose to be in any given moment, I get to do 'me' (yes, me!) I have finally awakened to my true identity and wake up every morning loving ALL of me, flaws and all. Deep down, I always knew I was 'enough'. I just forgot. I forgot that I was powerful beyond measure. Remember a moment of clarity I had that all this suffering is not for nothing? Sometimes a moment of clarity shines so brightly you have no choice but to walk into the light! Well, I had no choice but to walk into the light and turned all this suffering into what is now my superpower - an inner power and inner confidence that is not dependent on people, circumstances or events - that's because it's the inner knowing that has arrived. It wasn't easy but it was certainly worth it! That's what I want for you too! 

So my question for you is this:

What's stopping you?

  • Your partner, mother, kids? Pope? Lady Gaga? Still rooted in 'not good enough', aren't we? You are a BIG girl, aren't you? You can make decisions for yourself, sweetie! You're worth it!
  • I can't, I have kids. Didn't we just spend the last half an hour or so trying to empower you through my story? See?! I told you I was going to challenge you, my love! Got kids? Great! Use it as your motivation. Your kids deserve to have an empowered hot mama! Do it for them and because OF them!
  • I don't have the time. The time is NOW and it's the only commodity that you can never ever get more of. There are 86,400 seconds in a day, how you use them is use it is up to you. Did you know that the excuse 'I don't have the time' however credible it may be is just one of the symptoms of 'I'm not good enough'? See who's thinking now?!
  • I'm not ready. The time will never be right. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the stars will NEVER align. Start now. As Theodore Roosevelt once said: "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." You're just as 'ready' as it gets! It doesn't get any better! Trust me on that one! 
  • I don't have the money. Did you know that the belief that 'There's never enough' is tied into 'I'm not good enough'? That's because the root of that belief is 'not enough'. It spills over to other areas of your life. That's why you always feel like 'there's not enough'. Not enough time, money, love, success, health... The thing is, money will never, ever solve your money problems unless you tackle the root cause, the belief that you're not enough. The good news? Once you clear that belief money will follow. Let's throw 'the not good enough' out the window! Shall we?

Did you know that the chances of you being born are about one in 400 trillion? You are unique and there's only one you. You are MORE than good enough. You have ALWAYS been. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Sandra x

It's not that you're 'not good enough'. It's that you believe that you are. It's the belief that's wrong, not YOU!


My background

As far as tongue-twisting goes, I have a masters degree in Applied Languages and Translation where I specialised in English, español and Deutsch (now, don't fall off your chair but I also speak polski, italiano, catalán and العَرَبِيَّة with varying degrees of Erfolg). I also studied Tourism Management but only for a year as I was so bored I wished someone would kidnap me so I could go on an adventure! I'm a licensed Massage Therapist where I specialized in ayurvedic massage which adds a wonderful layer of knowledge about body-mind-soul connections into my work. So you can probably tell I love languages, adventure, business and freedom...

I have also been a featured speaker in The Business Woman’s Guide to Success and worked with one of the biggest names in the industry, including John Assaraf, Sonia Ricotti and many others. My story was featured in a follow-up book written by the author of the New York Times bestseller and Wall Street Journal The Laptop Millionaire about how inspiring women have escaped the 9-5 and become successful entrepreneurs.  My story is to be featured in a best-selling book by Vickie Gould titled 'Rising Above' featuring 15 stories from entrepreneurs all around the world who want to share their entrepreneurial stories so that their journey (and lessons) can be inspiring and motivating to others. 

I started out in the corporate world where I worked in customer service, marketing and communications for 5 years with some of the biggest brands in the world. I’ve also used the online marketing space to completely transform my own business and position myself as an expert in my niche.

I do things a bit differently... 

I do things differently because I don't go by any rules, because I lead from the heart, not the head, and albeit that's got me into trouble, this is how I roll. I want us to have a very intimate relationship. What sets me apart as a coach is the fact that I am highly intuitive which is priceless if you're completely out of sync and use my mischievous nature to keep things light-hearted and weave wit into my consultations. Add 'tough love' to the mix and you have a winning combo where REAL transformation happens!

Having a one-on-one coach is unlike anything you've ever experienced before. Imagine having a high-level coach to help you turn every struggle and heartbreak into an opportunity for growth and acceptance, replace negativity with positivity, help you witness and manifest your vision and see things differently.

Imagine having someone who actually cares about you and genuinely wants you to succeed because she knows you inside out simply because she has walked in your shoes! You will not get this from group coaching, personal development programs or reading a million self-help books! I will challenge your beliefs, I will be your best cheerleader and I will lend you a shoulder to cry on...  It's not going to be easy, but it'll be worth it! 

Are you ready to stop feeling like you're 'not good enough'? 

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Fun facts about me

  • I speak fluent English (not my first language), Spanish, Polish (mother tongue) and German, basic Catalan, and Italian, I know a word or two in Tunisian Arabic and Mandinka (spoken in the Gambia)
  • I'm the middle child and have four sisters (for the sake of clarity, fourth child is NOT middle child - I have two older and two younger sisters)
  • I can see the outlayer of my own aura (sometimes even other's people's too!) and the orbs (hey, after all, I'm a little woo-woo!)
  • I practiced shotokan karate for a while
  • I was voted the best dancer at university - you must know I'm a salsa girl (Poles are called Latinos of the North for a reason!)
  • I love Arabic music
  • My favourite form of exercise is pilates (great for your bum! Shhh...)
  • I'm a dog's lover (sorry ladies, I can't stand cats! Grrr!)
  • I was born and raised in post-communist Poland
  • I don't watch TV ever (shock horror!) but I do love independent cinema, especially documentaries and biographies!
  • I'm a HUGE travel-lover and have travelled to 20 countries: Ireland, United Kingdom (kind of obvious!), Spain, France, Andorra, Sweden, Serbia (where I was taken for a spy!), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Poland (obviously!), Croatia (crossed the border without a passport thinking it was part of the EU when it wasn't!), Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Montenegro, Germany, Austria, Tunisia, Morocco, Gambia and Montenegro
  • I used to live in Graz, Austria; Barcelona and Granada, Spain; Krakow, Poland and Edinburgh, UK 
  • I consider Edinburgh, UK to be my spiritual home (at least for now!) where I have lived since 2006
  • I left my home country at the age of 19 (just before my 20th birthday) and have lived abroad ever since
  • I studied in the United Kingdom, Spain and Austria
  • I used to work as a cleaner, housekeeper, waitress, receptionist, call centre assistant, customer service, coffee shop assistant, nanny, dance teacher assistant, English language tutor, massage therapist, marketing communications coordinator and mailroom assistant
  • I am single and loving every bit of it although secretly dream (not much of a secret any more!) of having a BIG family and four sons (girls are not challenging enough!)