Leap Afraid

How To Turn A Devastating Series Of Events Into The Best Thing That Ever Happened To You?

the quest of single woman who beat all the odds and survived the unimaginable when everything and everyone else has failed...


My name’s Sandra Stachowicz and I left my home country at the age of 19 with one BIG suitcase full of dreams and not enough money to get me through the month to chase down my dreams like it's the last bus of the night (in high heels of course!).

Here are some of things I have accomplished since then:

  • I went from growing up in poverty as one of 5 daughters and being raised by a single mum after losing my father at the age of 15 to starting three businesses by the age of 30 🔥

  • I went from being abandoned on my deathbed by the love of my life after being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness to starting a heart-centred business helping women bring their books out of their soul and out into the world in 3-6 months 🔥

  • I went from being homeless and living in social housing to living in a 7-bedroom £1 mln mansion with a back garden and a 13-year old Labrador 🔥

  • I went from working for a minimum wage in a 9-5 soul-sucking job to hitting my first $7k within a few months 🔥

  • I went from being turned down at college and being told my English wasn't 'good enough' to co-authoring an international bestselling book in short 4 months 🔥

  • I went from being the person who never raised her hand in a classroom to being featured in a book written by the author of the New York Times bestseller and Wall Street Journal about how inspiring women have escaped the 9-5 and become successful entrepreneurs 🔥

  • Andy many more…

I strongly believe our stories have the power to heal and I am on a mission to heal the world one woman, one book at a time.

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One of the very first readers who was not in a position to purchase a physical copy of this book made €14k within a week of reading it. Will you be next?

You CAN Survive the Unthinkable and Get Your Life Back on Track

Your life as you know it is over and it hurts. If it didn’t, it wouldn’t be called life. But as incredible as it may seem when you are in the thick of things, you CAN turn your life around. Resisting change won’t stop it from happening. Your life falling apart is the greatest opportunity ever; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You can rebuild your life from the inside out. You can turn a devastating blow into the biggest adventure of your life!

Leap Afraid offers a fresh perspective and an inspirational plan for surviving the change you didn’t ask for, getting your life back on track, and turning your deepest wounds into your greatest strengths when everything and everyone else has failed.

Written by a no-nonsense coach, healer, and author, Leap Afraid combines wit, wisdom, and mischief with powerful, universal strategies that work for women from all walks of life, regardless of what challenges life throws at them. Her plan is simple yet powerful:

  • Find courage within when you feel at the end of your rope, embrace change, and transform a devastating loss into the best thing that ever happened

  • Goes deeper than other self-help books, not by providing ready answers, but by gently guiding you to tune into your own answers and uncover hidden patterns that hold you back

  • Reveals the secret to breaking the pattern of experiencing failure after failure

  • Shows you why you should stop ‘managing’ your emotions and how to use uncomfortable emotions as a guiding compass to bring about lasting change

Leap Afraid is the quest of a single woman who beat all odds and survived the unimaginable. Its pages are packed with inspiring stories and a proven road map to get your life back on track, whether you’re facing a serious health challenge, financial crisis, relationship breakup, death of a loved one, or are going through a major business change.

Reviews speak for themselves as my little book of BIG ideas is already transforming lives…

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"Loved this book really real and earthy with tremendous valor and gallantry rising through the tough times to victory. Lost in its pages. Captivating!" Pam Young

"Overcoming fear is difficult but this book inspired me to stop procrastinating and push through some of the obstacles." Tessa du Toit

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"The author packs a ton of wisdom into this easy read -- profound insights that it can take years to figure out on your own! And she packages it all up in her unique, authentic voice." Anonymous reader

"This book inspired me to really believe that anything is possible regardless of how difficult life may be. Her strength and passion show through her writing making the book very easy to read. Her stories are powerful. Her triumphs are truly inspirational. This is a must read!" Anonymous reader

"This book was a blast to read. The authors advice and words of wisdom are practical, powerful and punchy. This book is full of spunk, sass and life changing insight. It’s not the least bit boring. It’s engaging and eye opening." Amy

"Leap Afraid" is the kind of book which acts as a friend; the kind of friend who says "I've got your back" and you know you are not alone as you struggle to see what may be on the other side of a tough spot in your life. Recommended!"

"This was such a fun read. The author's personality just oozed out of the pages. She shared her personal journey and some no-nonsense advice on how to get your life together. She is funny, energetic, and gives some practical advice on pulling yourself up from the rut, reaching goals, and overcoming obstacles."

"I was glued to it the minute I started reading it. It is inspiring and motivating. I was challenged to plan, strategize and move forward with my businesses. Thank you for your candidness and transparency." Juanita R. Williams

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"Amazing I couldn't put it down!" Nina

"Love your book, totally inspired to stop procrastinating as of now!"

Great motivational read! Love the honesty and “go get shit done” approach!" Julie P.

"I read your book Leap Afraid. It was so real, inspiring and encouraging." Giselle 

"I totally enjoyed your book. This book was so timely." Jiselle

Sometimes reading a transformational book means that at one point you’re going to have to make some uncomfortable decisions…

"I’ve been trying to slow down to go faster (think I read that from you). I’m getting bigger ideas than when I’m stuck in the moment of worry or scarcity. I’ve been re-assessing all areas of life. I’ve been getting so tired and lacking energy so this is my first day eating cleaner (and cutting out 80% of caffeine). I feel a brain fog has lifted and I’m starting to see things much clearer and be able to make decisions." Adam

"Only 25 pages in and [Sandra] speaks about the perils having a plan B. Something I stopped doing for years after hearing someone else say that having a plan B was just a way to admit you didn't believe in plan A. I knew in that moment I needed to let go of my safety net and relinquish the job I'd been offered in China. It's a great job with great perks but it doesn't light up my soul". Julie L.