When you're IRRITATED and what happens NEXT completely BLOWS your mind!

When you're IRRITATED while waiting for a waiter to finally NOTICE you so you can place an order to have your morning cuppa and what happens NEXT completely BLOWS your mind...

I've been to this place on two ocassions, two days in a row (today was my third) so I was a little taken aback the waiter was evidently IGNORING me as I was the only customer and another man walked in soon AFTER and I could clearly hear the coffee machine working.

'Why is he IGNORING me?!

I was here FIRST!'

I was ANGRY he made me WAIT.

Just as I was about to LEAVE he appeared with my regular order: freshly squeezed orange juice, cafe creme and almond croissant.

I was SPEECHLESS and couldn't believe my own eyes!

He DID notice me and he was brewing a coffee for ME, not the other guy without me having to place an order!!!

How often do we get IMPATIENT when we place our order to the Universe and give up just as we're about to have a BREAKTHROUGH and have our dreams delivered?

Everything is being worked out behind the scenes.

Just because you can't see it does not mean it is NOT happening!

Be patient and trust in the process.

You might just as well SURPRISE yourself! I sure did ;-)