True Confession: Being A Leader Is UNCOMFORTABLE!


I shared a few SPIRITUAL truths and principles that evoked a very mixed response and led to a HEATED debate. Now, what happened next is UNBELIEVABLE!

A few of the ladies in the group dismissed it as complete BS.

Just as many AGREED with me.

Now there was one lady in particular who was evidently TRIGGERED by what I had just shared...

I got the impression she felt largely UNSEEN and UNHEARD growing up as she was TRYING very hard to prove her point by boasting about her expertise in CLINICAL jargon.

There was this NEEDY, CLINGY energy about her I got the feeling no one could understand her either, not just me...

For some reason, the answer I gave one of the ladies really TRIGGERED her.

She let her DISCONTENT be known by having a fit of ANGER (a psychotherapist having a fit of anger in public, who would have thought?) but I deliberately IGNORED her and engaged with the other ladies in the group.

She could not RESIST and evenually asked me:

'Sandra, what is it that you do?'

I thought for a moment while I figured out how to best approach this question, then replied:

'Oh, I offer angelic healing.'

In my mind I could already hear her saying:

'I got the feeling you would say something like that!'

Literally a few seconds later she opened her mouth:

'I got the feeling you would say something like that!', she said with a deep sense of satisfaction.

I swear by that point she was a few inches taller!

A shy SMIRK formed on my CHUBBY cheeks as that's the exact type of response I was expecting from a clinical psychotherapist STUCK in her head.

Do you crave a sense of satisfaction and VICTORY?

VICTORY and a sense of satisfaction is what you'll get from me.

Nothing more, nothing less.

There was just one piece of information I deliberately withheld from her though...

What I failed to mention is that 2/3 of my healing work is based on nothing else but... clinical psychotherapy (Shock horror!)

If you want to be stuck in your head I'll let you be STUCK in your head.

If you need an EGO boost, I'll give you an ego BOOST.

I'm well past the stage where I need to prove my WORTH to anyone.

I let her think I was all airy-fairy, wishy-washy and that my theories were IMPRACTICAL.

Isn't it ALL what she wanted after all?

To prove her point that what she was teaching was BETTER since it was backed up by science rather than SPIRITUAL practices that have no application in the real world?

Surprise, surprise, my psychotherapist friend, your airy-fairy, head-in-the-cloud little friend is as grounded and practical as you!

What she does not limit herself to though is a linear path of thinking of what is RIGHT or WRONG, what is PRACTICAL and what is not.

Combine it with INTUITION and ANGELIC healing and it's no wonder my clients can release up to 27 years of trauma in one single session!

The moment you think you had me ALL figured out is the moment you fell into your own trap!

And no, you can't outsmart an Aries! (Just saying!)