The Day She Died And The REAL Cause Of Her Death...


The day she DIED...

I tried to trace back the day she DIED but I couldn't pinpoint the exact time it happened...

It was more of a gradual DEATH than a sudden DEPARTURE...

She was way too RIGID.

She smiled when she felt like CRYING.

She remained poised when she felt like EXPLODING.

She hanged on when she felt like DYING.

She didn't STAND UP for herself.

She didn't SPEAK UP for herself.

She let others WALK OVER her.

She became a SHUT DOWN version of herself.

She was a SPECTATOR of her own life.

She sold herself CHEAP.

She was a 'GOOD GIRL'.

She put others FIRST.

She came LAST.

Did it make her HAPPY?


While trying to PLEASE everyone else she forgot about the most precious thing she EVER had...


So what did she do?

She FORGOT about everyone else and instead fell in LOVE with herself...

These days if she's SAD she lets everyone else know how she feels.

She no longer has any JUDGEMENT of herself.

When she LOVES you she says it out loud.

When she's ANGRY she throws a tantrum.

When she feels SILLY she makes funny faces.

When she's HAPPY she jumps up and down.

When she's SAD she cries in public.

She plays no mind games. She has no time for that.

She says what she means and MEANS what she says.

She says Yes to her inner Yes and No to the rest.

The best of all?

She does not let it MEAN anything about her.

She fell in LOVE with herself and so did others.

She lets herself just... BE!


She got tired of all this PRETENSE.

I KILLED her so that a new Sandra could be born.

The thing is, when you love and approve of yourself LOVE and approval find you.

Life is easy and in the flow when you're being YOU.


Serial 'Limiting Beliefs' Murderer

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