Why the FATHER in me had to DIE and why I had to let him GO...


Why the FATHER in me had to DIE and why I had to let him GO...

I used to believe I was honouring my father's spirit by... STRUGGLING.

I used to believe I was being LOYAL to my ancestors by being BROKE and by identifying myself as... STRUGGLING.

It made perfect sense!

After all, my FATHER was a struggling ENTREPRENEUR.

And so was his father and forefather.

STRUGGLE with CAPITAL S was their daily bread.

'Life is hard', I can almost hear them say.

Sweat, TEARS and blood is ALL they knew.

Is it any surprise that even when I hit $7,5k a few years ago I was STILL struggling financially?

The only difference being, I was BROKE at a higher income bracket!

Yes, I come from a lineage of modern day SLAVES (victims of forced labour).

I come from a lineage of SERVANTS and underpaid menial workers.

But it is also true that I was being SELFISH with my gifts, talents and abilities by staying BROKE...

The fact is, as much as I would like to think I was HONOURING their STRUGGLE by staying broke the only thing I was honouring was my... EGO.

Unbeknown to me, I took a vow of POVERTY...

Some time ago I decided I needed to STRUGGLE.

No one DID it for me.

I was CHOOSING struggle over EASE and FLOW.

As much as I loved my Dad I knew I had to... let him go.

He was SLOWING me down and eventually became a... BURDEN.

The burden of being duped into paying off someone ELSE's LOAN, his wife's close family member.

The burden of being DECEIVED by his friend and being consequently cheated out of an ANCIENT coin that his 'friend' eventually sold to... buy a house for himself (the money my father NEVER saw!)

The burden of being USED and taken advantage of for his kind heart, generosity and child-like naivite.

My father was even CHEATED on AFTER his death by his brother-in-law after he DENIED taking money upfront for the job he NEVER carried out... leaving his widowed wife and five daughters with no means to live.

The burden of trusting others when he SHOULDN'T have...

The pain of putting everyone else FIRST and paying himself LAST out of his own pocket leaving his wife and children scraping for CRUMBS...

The burden of BURIED dreams and unfulfilled DESIRES...

The burden of working himself to... DEATH and dying with music playing LOUD in his young 49 years of age.

I was carrying this HEAVY load on my PETITE shoulders all my life and MADE them my OWN...

I thought I was being a GOOD DAUGHTER by doing so.

I thought this was what I was SUPPOSED to do...

I HATED the people who did this to my DADDY.

I HATED the people who took advantage of his GENEROSITY.

I HATED the people who thought my father was a FOOL for being trusting and forgiving.

I HATED all of them with my small but MIGHTY heart.

I CRIED with him for the INJUSTICE he suffered at the hands of these EVIL people.


I may NEVER find out why they did these things to you (not that I need to know) as your life's lessons and spiritual path are unique to you.

Maybe there were things or karmic lessons you needed to learn and things you needed to FORGIVE yourself for in this lifetime.

It is NOT for me to JUDGE and it is not my RESPONSIBILITY to bring JUSTICE or to take on your PAIN.

All I know is that I can only HONOUR your SPIRIT by putting myself FIRST, charging what I am worth and being just as NAIVE and TRUSTING with child-like wonder as you were.

The best REVENGE?

Living the best life possible.

R.I.P. Dad.

I have found PEACE and it is my hope that your PERPETRATORS will find it in their heart to... FORGIVE themselves.

I have FORGIVEN them and I have forgiven you too for I know the only way I can bring you JUSTICE is not by STRUGGLING, holding onto ANGER and RESENTMENT but by THRIVING and living the best life possible.

Love you Dad,
Thriving 'Daddy's Daughter' Entrepreneuress

Why your partner is NOT the source of your STABILITY and SECURITY in the world, financial or otherwise...

5 daughters.jpg

Why your partner is NOT the source of your STABILITY and SECURITY in the world, financial or otherwise...

'I am COMFORTABLE with my husband supporting me financially and being the breadwinner', I almost choked to death when I heard what I thought was a HUGELY successsful business owner say.

And so WAS my mother...

Then on one sad winter day of January 2002 her husband NEVER made it back home...

He died prematurely at the young age of 49 while selling SCRAP METAL to put food on the table.

He worked himself to DEATH leaving his widowed wife and 5 daughters with no means to live.

Still sitting COMFORTABLE in your chair?


I didn't think so!

Now, how COMFORTABLE do you think my mother was with her husband being the breadwinner when that happened?

Did you just become a little unsettled and UNCOMFORTABLE in your swing chair or did I just imagine things?

When you become too comfortable in your comfort zone and with what's comfortable in your life the Universe will force you to become comfortable with the UNCOMFORTABLE!

Her life circumstances FORCED her to become the BREADWINNER she was so comfortable with having her husband as!

The thing is...

When you make something outside of you your source of safety or stability in life, the Universe is set up to FAIL you to return you to the REAL source within.

Now, what's behind the statement...

'I am COMFORTABLE with my husband being the breadwinner'

Are you REALLY?

Now a little DISCLAIMER:

I am by no means making stay at home mums or housewives WRONG.

What I am against is having no plan of action for the INEVITABLE.

Life insurance...



What I am against is MENTAL LAZINESS.

'I am COMFORTABLE with my husband being the breadwinner'.

What a convinient excuse to give your power away!

And disown your CREATIVE GENIUS.

With certain lack of responsibility comes certain lack of power.

Who else does NOT have the money?


Kids are NOT expected to pay.

But with the lack of money comes certain lack of power.

What makes you think you don't have that kind of power?

When you're IRRITATED and what happens NEXT completely BLOWS your mind!

When you're IRRITATED while waiting for a waiter to finally NOTICE you so you can place an order to have your morning cuppa and what happens NEXT completely BLOWS your mind...

I've been to this place on two ocassions, two days in a row (today was my third) so I was a little taken aback the waiter was evidently IGNORING me as I was the only customer and another man walked in soon AFTER and I could clearly hear the coffee machine working.

'Why is he IGNORING me?!

I was here FIRST!'

I was ANGRY he made me WAIT.

Just as I was about to LEAVE he appeared with my regular order: freshly squeezed orange juice, cafe creme and almond croissant.

I was SPEECHLESS and couldn't believe my own eyes!

He DID notice me and he was brewing a coffee for ME, not the other guy without me having to place an order!!!

How often do we get IMPATIENT when we place our order to the Universe and give up just as we're about to have a BREAKTHROUGH and have our dreams delivered?

Everything is being worked out behind the scenes.

Just because you can't see it does not mean it is NOT happening!

Be patient and trust in the process.

You might just as well SURPRISE yourself! I sure did ;-)


True Confession: Being A Leader Is UNCOMFORTABLE!


I shared a few SPIRITUAL truths and principles that evoked a very mixed response and led to a HEATED debate. Now, what happened next is UNBELIEVABLE!

A few of the ladies in the group dismissed it as complete BS.

Just as many AGREED with me.

Now there was one lady in particular who was evidently TRIGGERED by what I had just shared...

I got the impression she felt largely UNSEEN and UNHEARD growing up as she was TRYING very hard to prove her point by boasting about her expertise in CLINICAL jargon.

There was this NEEDY, CLINGY energy about her I got the feeling no one could understand her either, not just me...

For some reason, the answer I gave one of the ladies really TRIGGERED her.

She let her DISCONTENT be known by having a fit of ANGER (a psychotherapist having a fit of anger in public, who would have thought?) but I deliberately IGNORED her and engaged with the other ladies in the group.

She could not RESIST and evenually asked me:

'Sandra, what is it that you do?'

I thought for a moment while I figured out how to best approach this question, then replied:

'Oh, I offer angelic healing.'

In my mind I could already hear her saying:

'I got the feeling you would say something like that!'

Literally a few seconds later she opened her mouth:

'I got the feeling you would say something like that!', she said with a deep sense of satisfaction.

I swear by that point she was a few inches taller!

A shy SMIRK formed on my CHUBBY cheeks as that's the exact type of response I was expecting from a clinical psychotherapist STUCK in her head.

Do you crave a sense of satisfaction and VICTORY?

VICTORY and a sense of satisfaction is what you'll get from me.

Nothing more, nothing less.

There was just one piece of information I deliberately withheld from her though...

What I failed to mention is that 2/3 of my healing work is based on nothing else but... clinical psychotherapy (Shock horror!)

If you want to be stuck in your head I'll let you be STUCK in your head.

If you need an EGO boost, I'll give you an ego BOOST.

I'm well past the stage where I need to prove my WORTH to anyone.

I let her think I was all airy-fairy, wishy-washy and that my theories were IMPRACTICAL.

Isn't it ALL what she wanted after all?

To prove her point that what she was teaching was BETTER since it was backed up by science rather than SPIRITUAL practices that have no application in the real world?

Surprise, surprise, my psychotherapist friend, your airy-fairy, head-in-the-cloud little friend is as grounded and practical as you!

What she does not limit herself to though is a linear path of thinking of what is RIGHT or WRONG, what is PRACTICAL and what is not.

Combine it with INTUITION and ANGELIC healing and it's no wonder my clients can release up to 27 years of trauma in one single session!

The moment you think you had me ALL figured out is the moment you fell into your own trap!

And no, you can't outsmart an Aries! (Just saying!)

Why I went into HIDING and the REAL reason your dreams are NOT happening to you...


Why I went into HIDING and the REAL reason your dreams are NOT happening to you...

Your dreams are not happening to you NOT because you're constantly BUSY.

It's NOT because there's too much month at the end of the money.

Your dreams are not happening to you NOT because you and your partner are NOT on the same page.

It's NOT because your 3-year old refused to eat or put on pants for an umpteenth time.

It's NONE of those things!

It's because you're giving your power away to THEM.

In essence, you have made them your God and are using them as a convenient excuse NOT to take action.

You're projecting your own unresolved issues onto them.

Your UNSUPPORTIVE partner?

You haven't gone ALL in your business and do not fully believe the life of your dreams is possible for you which is why his comments hurt so much!


A child who just won't do what he or she is SUPPOSED to do?

What are you NOT doing in your business that you know deep down you SHOULD be doing but are refusing to?

You staying constantly busy?

What are you trying to AVOID by staying constantly busy?

You NEVER finding a spare second for anything EXTRA in your life is because if you did, you might start to FEEL and realise that you are not living the life you desire...

There being too much month at the end of the MONEY?

What a convenient excuse!

Money has no POWER to shatter your dreams unless you give it to it.

Your dreams are NOT happening, not because of your partner, your children, lack of time, or lack of resources.

They are not happening because YOU and ONLY you are not making them happen!

Your dreams are not something outside of you.

As within so without.

P.S. The SILLY image below?

I went into HIDING... (Don't laugh!)

The point I'm trying to make is...

Your excuses are just as LAME as my attempt to COVER them up hoping they won't find me. (As you can see it didn't quite work as they CAUGHT up with me!)

Your excuses are just a POOR attempt to run away from... YOURSELF and the truth that you and ONLY you are NOT making IT happen.

There is absolutely NOTHING outside of you preventing you from making your dreams a reality.

Stop running away from yourself, hiding and FEEDING your excuses and face them squarely!

If you spent as much time coming up with reasons why you CAN versus why you CAN'T you'd be there by NOW! (Maybe that's what scares you the most?)

The Day She Died And The REAL Cause Of Her Death...


The day she DIED...

I tried to trace back the day she DIED but I couldn't pinpoint the exact time it happened...

It was more of a gradual DEATH than a sudden DEPARTURE...

She was way too RIGID.

She smiled when she felt like CRYING.

She remained poised when she felt like EXPLODING.

She hanged on when she felt like DYING.

She didn't STAND UP for herself.

She didn't SPEAK UP for herself.

She let others WALK OVER her.

She became a SHUT DOWN version of herself.

She was a SPECTATOR of her own life.

She sold herself CHEAP.

She was a 'GOOD GIRL'.

She put others FIRST.

She came LAST.

Did it make her HAPPY?


While trying to PLEASE everyone else she forgot about the most precious thing she EVER had...


So what did she do?

She FORGOT about everyone else and instead fell in LOVE with herself...

These days if she's SAD she lets everyone else know how she feels.

She no longer has any JUDGEMENT of herself.

When she LOVES you she says it out loud.

When she's ANGRY she throws a tantrum.

When she feels SILLY she makes funny faces.

When she's HAPPY she jumps up and down.

When she's SAD she cries in public.

She plays no mind games. She has no time for that.

She says what she means and MEANS what she says.

She says Yes to her inner Yes and No to the rest.

The best of all?

She does not let it MEAN anything about her.

She fell in LOVE with herself and so did others.

She lets herself just... BE!


She got tired of all this PRETENSE.

I KILLED her so that a new Sandra could be born.

The thing is, when you love and approve of yourself LOVE and approval find you.

Life is easy and in the flow when you're being YOU.


Serial 'Limiting Beliefs' Murderer

P.S. If you're ready to become a serial MURDERER and kill your EGO you know where to find me ;-)

Click here to contract a serial MURDERER 

Me and my machete are ready to slaughter any and ALL of your limiting beliefs!

WARNING: When you do, life will NEVER be the same!

Wealth Affirmations For Lightworkers

Put your hand over your chest to feel the vibrational energy of your statements. Read your declarations sheets out loud and with conviction. 


  1. If I am called to spend my life offering up my gifts I deserve to be rewarded for them.
  2. Infinite abundance and money are always available to me and there is more than enough for everyone.
  3. My work is incredibly powerful and I DESERVE to be rewarded abundantly for the value that I provide.
  4. I'm worthy of making more money.
  5. I'm open and receptive to all the wealth life offers me.
  6. My actions create constant prosperity.
  7. I am aligned with the energy of abundance.
  8. Money allows me to make contributions to the world in endless ways.
  9. Money supports and assists me to become my highest and best self.
  10. Abundance and money flow to me constantly.
  11. Everything is connected to everything else so I am connected to money.
  12. Attaching higher vibration to everything I do will serve my purpose.
  13. Blessings and abundance are constantly provided for me.
  14. There is no order in money miracles, they are available to me. 
  15. I deserve to be rich because I add value to other people's lives.
  16. I am truly grateful for all the money I have now.
  17. I’m on a spiritual journey and money is part of my vision for my life.
  18. Money enables me to donate to causes I care about on a much larger scale.
  19. Money is simply energy, it's what I do with it that makes it either good or bad.
  20. Abundance and prosperity is my birthright and I have it.
  21. All my actions lead to abundance and prosperity.
  22. I always have whatever I need. The Universe takes good care of me.
  23. I am one with all good – I can’t add or lose anything.
  24. Real wealth is invisible, infinite, and within me.
  25. The whole Universe and entire mankind is conspiring to make me prosperous and abundant.
  26. Money helps me find freedom, generosity and compassion. 
  27. I am a successful soulpreneuer creating a huge impact in the world.
  28. I am a divine channel helping others connect to their higher selves.
  29. The money is already on its way to me.