Are You Ready To Stop Feeling Like You're 'Not Good Enough' And Awaken To Your True Identity Without Having To Spend More Than 5 Minutes Of Your Time A Day?

If you're ready to claim back your power, rise up and SHINE then my famous Goddess Letters are for you! Find out how you can stop feeling like you're 'not good enough' and awaken to your true identity. You're worth it!)

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Intuition, mischief and wisdom all rolled into one - that's me!

Intuition, mischief and wisdom all rolled into one - that's me!

Hey! I'm Sandra

My name's Sandra Stachowicz and I’m a Transformational & Empowerment Coach, Healer, Author and Speaker. I help women who have lost their self-worth rebuild their life after a toxic relationship so they can look in the mirror and love the woman they see starring back at them. 

I help women witness and manifest their greatness by bringing them back... to them and grounding them in what is true for them, and giving them the clarity and confidence in moving forward from there.

I'm a change-maker, a visionary, an intuitive and psychic who has an inexplicable ability of transforming things that are undesirable into things that are exceptional.  I get a real kick out of taking something fragmented, and making it whole again (talking of YOU, lovely!) 

I have the gift of alignment - whether it’s thoughts, strategy, emotions - which is priceless for those who are completely out of sync. I can help you see things differently, bringing forward what was previously concealed. I'll empower you by helping you witness and manifest your vision. 

I sense things. Intuition means more to me than fact. (My intuition can sometimes give me information that seems crazy or insane - or the least obvious choice for a given situation). 

In 2002 at the age of 15,  I had my first intuitive hit, or prophetic insight of my dad’s death

That same week in a prophetic dream, I saw my Dad sitting in my mum's car covered in blood (my Dad didn't drive!). 

I received psychic information that I chose NOT to piece together. All week that information was buzzing around me like a fly.  A few days later my mum received a phone call telling her that my dad had had a heart-attack in his friend's car!  Feeling responsible, I shut my intuition off for the next fifteen years.  

Until now...

I believe that every struggle and heartbreak is an opportunity for growth and acceptance. 

I am on a mission to heal the world one woman at a time by helping you awaken to your true identity and fulfill your destiny by unlearning and unbecoming everything that you aren't and giving you clarity and confidence in moving forward from here. I will ground you in what is true by bringing you YOU and helping you connect your inner world to your outer world... 

How I Completely Transformed My Life And Went From 'Not Good Enough' To Fearless After Being Abandoned By The Love Of My Life After Contracting A Life-Threatening Disease...

Every moment is a catalyst for change

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Goddess, you are here for a reason. That reason is to be... YOU!

Meet my 7-years old adopted daughter...

Michael Atiento is seven years old and is the reason why I do what I do. She lives in a place called Nyatike, a remote rural area in the West of Kenya.

Her full name is Michael Atieno Abongo. She lives with her parents. She has two sisters. She goes to primary school and is in year 1 where her favourite subject is mathematics. At home, Michael Atieno helps out by fetching water. When she doe have free time she loves playing with balloons.

I am Michael Atieno's adopted parent and while both her parents are self-employed I sponsor her through World Vision,  a wonderful charity bringing real hope to vulnerable children. By investing in one of my programmes or services, you change not only Michael Atieno's life, but those of her family, her friends and her whole community. 

Thanks to you thousands of people will have clean water to drink and wash with now that two new water tanks and a solar pump are being built! Parts of the community have reached a special status where all people now use a latrine to go to the toilet, instead of going outside in the open

Your love and support show her that she is someone valued - simply for being herself - by someone who she has never met. Someone who lives miles away...