Do You Have A Book In Your Soul But Don’t Know What To Do Get It Published And It’s Stopping You From Putting It Out There?

Find out the EXACT steps you need to take to get your transformational book written and published in the next 90 days by working less than 60 minutes a day and impact thousands of lives with your story (works even if English is not your first language!).

*People tell me often that my love notes are the only ones welcome in their inbox - and I don't plan on sabotaging my reputation anytime soon :)

Intuition, mischief and wisdom all rolled into one - that's me!

Intuition, mischief and wisdom all rolled into one - that's me!

Hey! I'm Sandra

My name's Sandra Stachowicz and I’m The Write Your First Book Coach For Unconventional Women Coaches, Healers, Creatives & Visionaries, Word Alchemist & Magnetic Storyteller, International bestselling Co-Author and Author. I help heart-fuelled women get their first book out of their soul and out into the world in 3-6 months so they can get fully booked with soul, high-end clients, manifest money on demand and embark on a round-the world, never-ending adventure.

I work with out-of-the-box thinkers, visionaries, heart-centred coaches, mentors and healers. I will help you bring your book out of your soul and out into the world even if you’re a novice with a secret passion for writing, your hands are full running your soul empire, you are short on ideas, don’t know where to start or English is not your first language.

I'm a change-maker, a visionary, an intuitive and psychic who has an inexplicable ability of transforming things that are undesirable into things that are exceptional.  I get a real kick out of taking something fragmented, and making it whole again (talking of YOU and your book, lovely!) 

I have the gift of alignment - whether it’s thoughts, strategy, emotions - which is priceless for aspiring female writers who are completely out of sync. I can help you see things differently, bringing forward what was previously concealed. I'll empower you by helping you witness and manifest your vision. 

I sense things. Intuition means more to me than fact. (My intuition can sometimes give me information that seems crazy or insane - or the least obvious choice for a given situation). 

In 2002 at the age of 15,  I had my first intuitive hit, or prophetic insight of my dad’s death

That same week in a prophetic dream, I saw my Dad sitting in my mum's car covered in blood (my Dad didn't drive!). 

I received psychic information that I chose NOT to piece together. All week that information was barking up like a mad, vicious dog.  A few days later my mum received a phone call telling her that my dad had had a heart-attack in his friend's car!  Feeling responsible, I shut my intuition off for the next fifteen years.  

Until now...

I strongly believe our stories have the power to heal and change the world.

I am on a mission to heal the world through the power of words one woman, one book at a time. My gift is working with women one-to-one in a deep dive way and facilitating transformation to get their book out of their heart and out onto the pages of their first book. Will you be next?

How I Completely Transformed My Life And Went From 'Not Good Enough' To Fearless After Being Abandoned By The Love Of My Life After Contracting A Life-Threatening Disease...

Every moment is a catalyst for change

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Your book is NOT in your heart just to tease you, it’s there for a reason.